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Keynote Speaker

A program of Lincoln's life experiences emphasizing

Honesty, Integrity, Ambition, and Patriotism




We are going back in time 138 years. Imagine that it is Good Friday, April 14, 1865. Tonight is the night John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln in the Ford Theatre in Washington, D.C. Please rise for the National Anthem and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

(The President enters and stands behind his podium and seal. After the Anthem, he leads the Pledge of Allegiance.)

Keynote Address

President Lincoln begins with his young life and continues through the war years. He recounts the pleasures, heartaches, failures and accomplishments of his entire life in detail. He accompanies these with dozens of fascinating facts and anecdotes of that period of United States History.

Checking his time piece when the address is complete, he excuses himself and leaves for the theatre.


  • Option 1 -- 1 hour (inclusive -- a combination of The Prairie Years and The War Years)

  • Option 2 -- 1   hours
    "The Prairie Years" - approx 45 min
     "The War Years" - approx 45 min

  • Option 3 --  The two 45-minute segments of Option 2 (The Prairie Years and The War Years) may be scheduled at different times on the same day.

  • Option 4 -- The Prairie Years presentation may be scheduled on one day with The War Years presentation on a consecutive day.

All Options Are the Same Fee

Conine provides a separate educational program for children in attendance with pictures, placards, and short stories of Lincoln's early life.

James Conine
97 Water Street
Brunswick, Georgia 31525
Fax: 912-267-9651


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